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Hurricane Michael

Devastation in Florida

Just weeks after Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida Panhandle, the scope of the storm’s fury is still emerging. Devastation continues with more deaths reported in Florida.

Scott & Brenda Gillum

Florida State Bishop

Quincy Church Property

Lawrence Singleton, Pastor
It has sustained great structural damage
and does not have insurance.

Michael has killed at least 32 people across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Panama City and surrounding communities continue to assess the amount of damage and appears to be the hardest hit area. Many have not even been able to return to their homes.

Families and churches have suffered great loss. The Church of God of Prophecy Florida State Office, under the leadership of Bishop Scott and Brenda Gillum, have begun the emergency relief efforts as they identify the needs. This task is second only to supplying immediate assistance for those left destitute. The Gillum’s are well acquainted with disaster. They coordinated recovery efforts following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas last year.

These videos show live damage caused during the hurricane.  The stained glass window of the church is literally pulled out of its frame. Trees are uprooted and debris from buildings and homes is scattered by the strong winds.


Hardest Hit Churches

Grace Fellowship
Panama City, FL

Pastor Maxie Beauchamp


Pastor Lawrence Singleton


Pastor Bryant Dupree

Saint Andrews

Pastor Ruben Hoskins