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The Fuego volcano in southern Guatemala erupted on Sunday, June 3, sending lava flows and a massive ash cloud into the nearby rural communities. It was the country’s most deadly volcanic event in more than a century. At this time, the government is reporting 25 dead with 200 more unaccounted for. I have been in contact with Bishop Mario Galindo, national overseer, and we thank God that, although 15 of our church members are displaced and in shelters, no lives were lost. We are in the process of collecting clothing and food to send to the area as soon as travel is available. We would like to ask for your prayers for our Church family and also for your help. For anyone who can be a part of relief effort, donations may be sent to the Guatemala Relief Fund through the International Offices. To the people of Guatemala, we want you to know that you are not alone. The Church of God of Prophecy stands with you.

—Bishop Ben Feliz, General Presbyter, Mexico, Central America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean