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The following report was submitted to Global Missions Ministries by Mukendi Bitchy, National Overseer on Congo-Brazzaville

Image 10From February 10-15, we journeyed to the church in District of Ngo. As soon as we reached Ngo, the local pastor and his committee, warmly welcomed us and drove us to the hotel where we stayed. That evening we began our leader’s retreat, which was the first part of our program of the campaign (February 10-12). The theme of this leader’s retreat was: The Disciple of Christ, the Holy Spirit and His Work. I taught about the meaning of discipleship, its objectives, and 10 principles of discipleship.

The almighty hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was upon us during that retreat to testify the truth of His Gospel that we were sharing together through healings, deliverances, and baptism with the Holy Spirit. Sisters and brothers driven by the Holy Spirit, were in tears and others spoke in tongues and some others witnessed their healing.

On February 12, we started our first day campaign: The Spiritual Fight and Deliverance. On the first day, I preached about the reality of spiritual fight regarding the Bible: the meaning of spiritual fight, its beginning in heaven (Isaiah 14; Revelation 12:13-17), and its focalization on earth and its main purpose (separating the man from God, enslaving and spoiling of man: Genesis 3), and its today contextualization.

There were 185 in attendance and many were touched by the Word of God. Seventy-two decided to accept Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior. A lot of signs and miracles were performed by the Holy Spirit to confirm the everlasting and power of the message of the Gospel.  

Image 04On the second day of the campaign we began with very beautiful songs and dances executed by three groups of young singers and dancers. The message I spoke on was about our spiritual enemies (Ephesians 6:10-12), devil slavery signs (Romans 1: 21-32; Galatians 5:19-21 and Mark 7:20-23), and our spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:13-18; Revelation 12: 11). Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we presented to the people the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. Many were convicted by the Spirit of the Lord. Some sisters and brothers mourned and some were baptized with the Holy Spirit. During the fervent prayer that we were doing, the Lord worked among us confirming the Word of his testimony trough miracles, healings, and different signs that He was performing. Over 345 people were in attendance and over 227 received Christ. The atmosphere of the campaign was very vibrant as a magnetic field and we hardly ended it. We dismissed the people, but they went on in singing and dancing in spite of our word of closure.

On the last day it rained early in the morning, but that was in fact a blessing for giving us a fresh cloudy atmosphere. Many sisters and brothers attended the campaign. The message for this day was entitled: Jesus Christ, Will Restore You. The text was taken from Ezekiel 37:1-14. Two hundred and fifteen attended the campaign in spite of the rain, 92 received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and 18 joined the church. Many witnessed the grace and mercy of God on them by the miracles, healings and signs in the name of Jesus Christ, among them: a lady who was healed from her heart palpitations and head sicknesses; another lady testified to be healed from her two years cyst illness; a brother witnessed to be set free from demon-possession and head sickness.

Praises and glory and honor to God Almighty for his grace and mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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