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Image 01Global Missions Ministries recently received the following report from our National Office in Rwanda.

Friday, March 26, 2016 will always be remembered as a special day in the history of the Church in Rwanda, as it was that date to begin our 25th annual national convention. The hand of the Lord was with us.

We thank the Lord for the message sent to us from the General Overseer. We were blessed by the presence of Sister Cathy Payne the Global Missions Ministries Coordinator from our International Office. She witnessed her gratitude to be in Rwanda for her fifth time and for the church growth.

We thank the Lord for the attendance of Bishop Stephen Masilela, our Africa General Presbyter, Bishops Cyril Odendo, and other Bishops from Kenya, John Ober, Faucet Makokha, and Vincent Ogam, the latter who testified that he was here in Rwanda when Bishop Van Deventer came to organize the first church in Karama. Bishop James Ntezimana from Uganda and Bishop Eric Mwambigija from Tanzania were our guests of honor. And we were blessed by ministers from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and their ministry that left a big impact in our convention.

Image 09During the convention we were blessed with 800 in attendance with 40 saved and 500 filled with Holy Spirit.

In his speech to the convention the National Overseer said that the 25th National Convention was remarkable and will never be forgotten in the history of the Church of God of Prophecy in Rwanda for the following reasons:

  1. It was the 10th year since he was appointed as National Overseer and he thanked the Lord who brought him this far from a humble beginning taking over where the late Bishop Karera had left before he went to be with the Lord.
  2. It was the convention where we celebrated the completion and dedication of the construction project of the orphanage home planned to be the home for 200 orphans in Rwanda.
  3. In this convention we are also celebrating the growth of the ministry from the previous 5 licensed ministers in Rwanda, Burundi, and DRC Goma to 32 licensed ministers in this region and to this effect he thanked God for the ministry of the General Overseer Bishop Clements, Africa General Presbyter Bishop Stephen Masilela, and the entire International Offices for their service for the licensing to be achieved for the Rwanda ministers.

Our orphans’ school children performed very good music concerts and songs and the reciting of our church flag pledge. It was really good to see these young children reciting the church pledge and scriptures in English and by heart.

This special convention included the dedication of the newly finished orphanage building and the rededication of the orphan school by Sister Cathy Payne assisted by BImage 08ishop Stephen Masilela.

The Africa General Presbyter exhorted the entire convention participants to the fact that the African church should wake up and be self-reliant because the days of waiting for support from our brothers in the US are over. The time has come for the African church to stand on her feet and do exploits for the Lord. He also exhorted the church to take the Word of God as it is and to start speaking positive things for us to go ahead to victory! He prayed for God to give us the power to move on ahead towards our calling and victory.

On the second day of the convention, we began with prayers and various choirs from our local churches and special gospel singers ministering which brought down the anointing from on high.

On that morning of the convention, Bishop Vincent Ogam ministered to the convention with his powerful message from the book of Acts 1:8 on the church receiving power. Bishop Ober led the altar service praying for the seekers. The day ended with a mighty pouring of the Holy Spirit anointing.

On that evening Sister Cathy Payne spoke to us after being covered in prayer by Bishop Odendo. She recounted her experience of a little boy who begged her to build the children a house in Rwanda that had broken her heart. She challenged the whole convention in her anointed sermon on Enhancing a Strong Relationship in the church family.

She reminded us that we are to take the message of love to everybody everywhere as the Body of Jesus Christ. She ended her sermon by praying for the Holy Spirit to come upon all the ministers and the entire church and remove any obstacle to the vision of the people of God as they work for him.

Bishop Ober led the alter service. The guest ministers prayed for all the ministries and the congregation with the anointing of oil. Some received salvation, some healing, and others different ministries. The day ended with a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit anointing, speaking in tongues, jubilations, flag waving, and shouts of victory!!

On the last Day of the convention the national overseer introduced all district overseers and national treasurers and he commended them for the work which they do to help him perform his responsibilities. He called upon these men to report to the convention of the work in the districts and those working with them in the ministry. After their reports, he commended every churcImage 12h for reporting nation wide and to build our economic capacity. The national overseer made his new appointments for all the auxiliaries of the church and all pastors.

The General Presbyter prayed for a blessing over all the ministers, leaders, entire members of the church and the family members of the national overseer. He also prayed for a safe journey home after the close of the convention. The convention ended with members congratulating their pastors for reappointments. The national overseer thanked the general presbyter for Africa and Sister Cathy, along with all who came and those who prepared the convention and wishing the same journey back home in his farewell prayer.

Report compiled by Pastor Philbert Buregeya
General Secretary for Church of God of Prophecy in Rwanda

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