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Partnering with the Oak Tree Group, the Church of God of Prophecy has released an introduction video to the 403(b) Retirement Program available for pastors and overseers. In a recent letter to overseers and pastors, Paul Holt, Executive Director of Finance and Administration, introduces our adviser, Kelly Miller, and shares contact information along with additional information.

The 403(b) retirement program is the nonprofit version of a corporate 401(k) program. Investing options for the 403(b) program are available through American Funds. This is a 50 year plus management group that offers a wide variety of investment pools to match all styles and needs of retirement planning. Options such as mutual funds, international investments, bonds, diversified funds both aggressive and conservative and many more are offered through American Funds. Contributions are handled through the International Office and are pre-tax deductions. The video below introduces the program and shares important information that will assist with an educated decision. Request more information or send questions to 403b@cogop.org.