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Report from SOPAS in Costa Rica
06/04/2011 06:48:29 PM

Bishop Adrian Varlack sharted the following information:

Below is a short discourse given in our recent Costa Rica SOPAS by one of our students, Ingrid Nelson Perry, our National Youth and Children’s Director. She represented the class at the closing. There were 85 students and the school was held May 5-8 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Center for Biblical Leadership Development
Conducted May 6-8, 2011, San José, Costa Rica
Address by the Student Body Representative

Today, the word "Pastor" finds new meaning in our lives. "Poimen: watch and defend, heal, find and save, share, love."

The mission is noble, the calling is noble, and the workers are needed.

The words with which the Teacher confronted Peter, represent a challenge for us today to ask: Do you love me more than these? If so, then feed my sheep.

Our labor is unique, our work is sublime, our vocation is sovereign.

We must embrace our call gratefully, feeling proud of what a privilege has been granted to us. The supreme God took pleasure in placing the honorable mission of feeding His glorious flock into our shameful and toxic hands.

Oh, if only we could understand how important we are for the Kingdom and how vital and essential our work is! We would always work with a smile on our face and a heart full of love.

With this study we are reminded of the great need for of redemption of souls in this world, and what we really are is simple: "beggars showing beggars where we found bread."

We have been challenged by the word to develop a pastor's heart, which is the most precise replica of the Chief Shepherd.

As ministers, or maids and servants, we have been called to evaluate our motives, not to be seduced or lured by dishonest gain or to lord it over those who already have their own Lord.

We need to recognize that our first and greatest calling is to be saved and practice the holiness of God. Therefore, we must first honor Him with lives of integrity, become living witnesses so we can be effective in the ministry entrusted to us, become good managers and administrators of our time, talent and treasure.

Recognizing that we are the church and we exist to worship God and serve people, and therefore need to connect with God's vision, His core values, and mission.

We reaffirm the sovereignty and supremacy of God's Holy Spirit, third person of the blessed Trinity, Lord of the absolute truth.

We commit ourselves to open our minds, to tear down old and outdated paradigms, to be part of the transformation process, forgetting what we've learned and become willing to relearn. Conveying our "Penultimate Truth", submitting to what the Holy Spirit, Lord of the Absolute Truth is leading us to.

We reaffirm our institutional identity and proudly declare that the Church of God of Prophecy was born in the heart of God and His choice will guarantee our legitimacy and our commitment to build on his word.

Our true identity is in Christ's mission and its principles of fervent love and life of holiness.

We commit to continue Turning to the Harvest with a heart of love, developing leadership of virtue and loyalty, with prayer as the foundation of our relationship with God. We will manage our resources effectively, under the direction of the Lord of this organization.

And above all, we renew our pledge of allegiance to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, giving the place of prominence and authority He deserves, honoring, obeying and keeping us from doing anything that will grieve or displease.

In closing, we are profoundly grateful for the glorious teachings brought by these great servants of God, and we pray for their lives, families and ministries to be richly and abundantly blessed.

We are confident that we are living in historic times and we are grateful and thankful to be part of them. We chose to work with the Holy Spirit for this purpose: We honor our past, celebrate our present, and embrace our future with great enthusiasm.

To each of you, thank you very much and God bless.
Pastor Ingrid Francheska Nelson Perry
National Director of Children and Youth
Costa Rica

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