Belarus Connection – February 2011
03/28/2011 01:39:25 PM

During the 21 Days of Fasting, our local church decided to have three days of fasting and prayer. I’ve got a special word in my heart “To seek first the Kingdom of God and then He will bless us and our families and our jobs” Matt. 6:33, Ezra 8:21. So, many people in the church came together to seek God. It was an awesome time! Every evening we had powerful church services. We already have many testimonies of God answering our prayers! We seek His face and He comes with His presence and healing. Yulia, my secretary, had kidney problems. After our fasting, she did the tests in the hospital and she was absolutely healed by God! All the tests results were perfect!

We have planned to do all night through prayer meetings once a month. We have already had one and it was really great time!

Also, every second Saturday we will have a special worship meeting, just to worship God for few hours. We are expecting that God will come and fill us.

Every last Friday of the month we run special seminar for church. We do a resource of relevant topics for youth and  people in our church. Larisa and I prepare it. A few weeks ago we had a seminar on family and children upbringing. We invited our non-Christian friends there. Our neighbor (she is non-Christian) said that every word was for her. You won’t learn at any university in our country how to be good parents, good husband or good wife. The Church is the only place where our people can hear it and watch it in our lives, and lives of our families.

English speaking club also brings the fruits. Youth continue to invite their non-Christian friends and discuss there simple topics, always concluding in God and His love.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Love and blessings,

Henadzi [Gena] Kernazhytski
National Overseer

Our Belarusian people are rich in faith as you have read in this issue, and your partnership through prayer support and loving encouragements propels their ministry. Thank you for standing with this nation to make a difference for the Kingdom.

Annette Taylor, International Director

Harvest Partners Ministry

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