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Amazing things can happen when people come into agreement. It's a principle directly from God's Word. It is our prayer that you see God's supernatural power at work in your life. Please complete the request form so we can join with you and intercede for your specific need.


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World Wide Women's Prayer Chain

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View August 26, 2011 Sharon Praise Report Praise God! A good friend at work just found out late this afternoon that the masses in the area of her thyroid gland and the nodules in her lungs are not cancerous! She had thyroid cancer several years ago so this is indeed good news! She gives all glory to her Heavenly Father. Praises!
View August 27, 2011 Gwen Prayer Request Kenneth "Doc" Anthony has a liver disease and has been given only 8 - 12 months to live. Please pray for him.
View September 08, 2011 Towana Prayer Request Lord we are in need of a great break through with our business and our finances and hard working honest employees. Lord we bring these needs to You and ask for Your blessing on them this we pray in Your precious name AMEN
View September 16, 2011 Rose Richardson Prayer Request my brother in law and his wife and family need prayer his wife carol has been in and out of the hospital all year and is back in the hospital again and her sister was found passed away on wensday and her their son was just told he need to be put on the immedieate transplant list becouse his kidneys are shutting down due to family history of polacystic diease of kidneys carol has had a transplant about 20 yrs. ago and was doing good had problems from all the meds she has to take to stop rejection but on the whole she was ok until all of this dr. cant seem to get to the rael problem that is keeping her dowm but I know that god knows and can heal or reveal it to the dr. the family also needs salvation thank you I am a member at cogop in michigan in Taylor
View September 21, 2011 Sharon Prayer Request Please pray for my cousin, Mary Alice. She is like a sister to my mom and just found out that she has three major blockages in her heart and also a large aortic aneurysm. That's the same kind of aneurysm that killed my sister very suddenly four years ago and my mom is very worried that it will happen to my cousin too.
View September 28, 2011 Loreen Henry Prayer Request I am believing the Lord for a job soon: please agree with me in prayer. Please help me to pray for my son and daughter, Garth and Lori who are backsliders. Thanks.
View September 30, 2011 Kimberly Kruger Prayer Request This is directly from GOD through THE HOLY SPIRIT. I never heard of your organization til few days ago was directed to this site supernaturally........God has big plans for me that will affect not only this country but worldwide...He has just recently revealed to me that I am a prophet...I have to teach and speak the truth and I have to Let His followers know and others That GOD is Spirit and we must worship him that way. I am being taught by the HOLY SPIRIT spending 3 to 8 to 10 hours a day in His word..Zephania 3 is good idea who I am..He has been teaching me for while now....I have felt not apart of this world for time,,,,I have been through one trial (major) after another since about 2006 every situation, every family member has one time or another turned on me either same time or indivually,,,,I have wanted to be involved in churches but have been rejected treated bad or told to shut up even when not talking other than tell everyone what Great things GOD has done for me.....I have a very intimate relationship with Our Lord JESUS..Things are happening rapidly. I have also gotten one major sickness after since maybe 2007 another and now recently healed one after the other...I have felt like a John the Baptist, Isaiah, Joseph Noah, somone needing to proclaim the truth with urgency and getting treated bad, abusive..I have had to rely totally on GOD for everything, At times have no money for food, too many bills, I have been on disabilty since maybe 2004 but now am getting so strong I feel I can float (when I work out for health) I am getting strong and powerfull...I know where I am (The Holy Spirit showed it to me on the internet in very details)going, kinda what I will be doing, but dont know when. GOD is handling every detail every time I try to do something it does not work I have to let him do it all. I have been persecuted for my faith (worshiping GOD in Spirit) and told I am doing it all wrong for 5 or 6 years by family members and preachers and leaders in churches(even cussed at, pushed around, but I would not give HIM up or stop Praising Jesus) I realize only last few days How Much GOD does LOVE and He will see this through. I have had small encouragements from HIM daily since 9/11/11. The Holy Spirit is directing this email right now..GOD revealed to me in His word last week that I am gifted in Faith(which I knew, I had been praying for works no one would let me help anywhere, now I know He wants me on a much bigger scale.) gifted in speaking-Prophecy, gifted in knowledge, and blessed in diligence and love. My heart has been broken completely by almost all I love (even had 2 heart surgeries last year) my heart is healed as other diseases . Just last week I told few very forceful people in my life they have to stop holding me back and they cannot control me. That I belong To GOD and i will die for Him. After this GOD went to work with revealing to me. I have had to fight off almost every thing in my life for these years because the evilone tried to destroy me . Like His word says the weaker and sicker I got the stronger I became in JESUS...I dont know what I am suppose to do except wait but GOD sent me to you. He knows and will direct your end.
View October 13, 2011 mariasalomepereira Prayer Request peço a minha cura dos meus pulmoes e das minhas articulaçoes
View October 14, 2011 joanna Prayer Request Please pray that I got married. a man who will love God and he was right man for me may God bless you joanna
View October 21, 2011 michelle triska Prayer Request please pray that god heals my gastritis. and heals low potassium levels. please pray he heals my mind so i can stay away from psychiatry