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10 Things Children’s Ministry Volunteers Expect – And Deserve!

Tried & True Recruiting Secrets for Children’s Ministry

8 Encouragements To Share With Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers This Week

13 Ways to Train Volunteers in Your Children’s Ministry

10 Team Building Ideas To Use With Your Volunteers


Children’s Ministry Volunteers That Stick
Author: Jim Wideman
Group Publishing
ISBN # 9780764426735

Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People For Ministry
Authors: Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens
Group Publishing
ISBN # 9780764427565

The Well-Equipped Volunteer Children’s Ministry Handbook: Everything You Need to Lead Children’s Ministry In Your Church
Author: Jenelle Hoos
Create Space Publishing
ISBN #9781500460747


Vandebloemen Search Group
Website contains articles and podcasts on various Children’s Ministry topics, including volunteer articles on recruiting, training, and team-building.

Planning Center Mobile Apps
Planning Center is a comprehensive set of church management software that includes a Scheduling, People, and Resources module by which you can communicate with volunteers such information as schedules, lesson materials, etc.

Building Children’s Ministry – Volunteer Training and Tools (Dale Hudson)
This site contains several free and low-cost resources such as Connections Volunteer Training book, Volunteer Job Descriptions book, training videos, Volunteer interview forms and teaching notes, etc.

Developing Leaders, Impacting Kids
This site contains information about IMACT! A series of training videos on specialized topics within children’s ministry.

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