Digital Media

We live in a high tech world. Children will benefit from the use of media to make the Bible come alive. Consider the ideas listed below if you are in a church that has the capabilities of using digital media in your children’s ministry area.

  • Make a power point presentation of the Bible story using action figures or toys. Use the toys to set up scenes from the story and take digital pictures of them. Transfer the pictures into power point slides on your computer. You could use all sorts of fun ideas when selecting what to use as your characters.  How about a whole cast of building block people or stuffed animals? Think about the look on your kids’ faces when you are telling the story of the 10 lepers, and instead of holding up a normal picture from your storybook Bible, you have a picture of 10 building block people going to Jesus to be healed!  Just like a normal story book, you wouldn’t need to include a picture for every detail, just your key points or setting.
  • Create a video Bible story. Find pictures online of scenes from the Bible story and put them into your presentation software.
  • Use fun video clips. Normally I don’t play videos in my classes because most children can watch a video anytime.  However, I do love to use video clips as an accent to my lesson, just not to replace my lesson.  There are several options online.  Check out the resource section of this newsletter for suggestions. Note: Always view the entire clip to ensure the teaching is biblically accurate before showing to your students.
  • Film teens or adults in your church dressed up in Bible costumes and acting out the Bible story. Show it to the children during ministry time.  This is a great option if actors are not available to come and present a skit during ministry time.

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