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January 26th

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Brian Dollar – How To Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics
Children today are being bombarded by messages that are contrary to what the Bible teaches. As a result, many parents and pastors feel completely overwhelmed as they try to navigate the difficult waters of conversation with kids about controversial topics like God, SEX, self-Image, bullying, divorce, and more.  Brian Dollar is the author of “Talk Now And Later: How To Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics.”  In this session, Brian will share some practical advice for how Kids Pastors and Leaders can help equip parents for these conversations as well as balance what the role of the pastor should be when it comes to controversial subjects.

Melissa Minter – Preparing a Great Sermon for Kids
The Word of God is for everyone- young and old alike. If you have been entrusted with ministry to children, particularly in a children’s worship or outreach setting, then you can share God’s Word effectively. In this workshop, we will focus on how to prepare a great sermon for kids. The truths of God’s word are ageless, but because children think differently from adults, Bible truths must be presented in a way that reaches into the hearts and minds of kids. We will learn how to change a lesson from teaching to preaching!

Karrie Endecott – Helping Your Church Love and Serve Outreach Kids
God has placed a desire in your heart to go to the community and reach boys and girls for Him. You’ve planned and prepared and brought these children into your church in obedience to Him. Why then does it seem like you’ve mixed oil and water? In this session, we will look at ways to help integrate your outreach children into the body of your church and how our churches can accept them and love them into the body.

March 15th

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Michelle Anthony – Understanding Today’s Landscape of Unifying Church and Home
Every generation has the privilege of joining in on how God is uniquely on the move within His Church. Today, we see God unifying the church and home for the sake of the family. As ministry leaders, we need to understand how we come alongside what God is doing, while also learning to create effective responsive ministry programs that allow for genuine culture change in how we view the role of families and ministries that support them in the local church. This webinar will give practical steps in creating a strategic plan that will enable the church and the home to work as one in spiritual growth and formation.

Yancy – Praise and Worship that Rocks
There is a lot more to leading worship than just the music. Being a worship leader is as much about your leadership ability as it is about having catchy songs your kids will enjoy singing along to. Yancy will teach you from her years of experience in leading worship.

Shaun McKinley – Children’s Ministry in a Small Church: Slaying the Goliaths
Smaller churches often face challenging foes that can seem stronger and bigger than they are. Nevertheless, every Goliath has a weakness.  By using creativity, aligning with God’s Word, prayer and a little effort, these obstacles can come crashing to their knees. In this webinar segment we will confront smaller church ministry giants with four “smooth stones” that bring down those Goliaths that threaten every small church children’s ministry.

May 24th

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Dale Hudson – 3 Keys to Giving First-Time Guest Families a Great Experience
Did you know that guest families decide in the first 8 minutes if they are going to return to your church or not?  The experience you provide on their first visit overshadows all the follow-up you will do with them.

Discover the 3 keys to giving families a great first experience that will bring them back and help them get connected to your church family.

Sandy Knowles – More than Gifts:  Appreciating Your Volunteers
Honoring and appreciating volunteers goes beyond giving small gifts and tokens of appreciation. In this session, we will look at ways of creating a culture that volunteers can thrive in along with ways of building relationships that will help them become a valued team member.

Kim Batson – Ministering to Kids with ADHD
Today many children have decreased attention spans, but when you have an ADHD child in your ministry, managing your classroom can be very difficult.  In this breakout session we will discuss practical ways to minister to children with ADHD.