Giving to Missions

Coins in a jam jar

One of the best ways for children to be involved in missions is by raising money for a specific need or missionary.  The children in my church have helped to raise money for goats in Nepal, for children’s ministry supplies in Central America, and for a Christian kindergarten in Africa.  The possibilities are endless.  Contact a missionary or mission organization for ideas.  Two great places to get ideas would be right here on the website.  Just click on Helping Hands 4 Kids.  You could also contact the World Missions Department at  It is always a good idea to have a specific project in mind.  Children will work harder and give more if they know their purpose.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a “shower” for a mission need. Decorate the area to match the country where you will be sending donations.  Serve food from that particular country.  Ask people to bring gifts of money.
  • Create a movie by having the children share the need in a creative way! Share the movie at your church or on social media. Put children in charge of collecting donations from those who view the movie and wish to give.
  • Encourage children to do extra chores to earn money.

Click here for additional fundraising ideas

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