Kid playing with finger paints

I realize that many people are bothered when things get messy! Messy things bother me in some ways, but not when it comes to ministering to kids. I’ve learned they absolutely LOVE messy object lessons and science experiments! The messier it is, the better. Think about it–  as parents we are always encouraging our children to keep tidy rooms, to clean up after themselves, and to hold their food over the table to prevent dropping crumbs. So it is exciting and memorable for kids to see their leaders in the church get messy.

The Toothpaste Object Lesson
Bible Truth: I will use my words in ways that please God.
Scriptures: Prov. 12:18, Prov. 16:24
Materials: tube of toothpaste, paper plate

Lesson: Discuss the fact that things some things hurt us on the outside (like falling down) and some things hurt us on the inside (like unkind words.) Show children a tube of toothpaste and a paper plate.  Very dramatically squeeze out the entire tube of toothpaste onto the plate. The kids will love this part! Ask for a volunteer, and explain their job is to put all the toothpaste back into the tube. They will give up easily because it’s impossible. Talk about how our words are just like the toothpaste, once they’re out, that’s it! There’s no taking them back.


The Carbonated Beverage Object Lesson
Bible Truth:  I show my love for God and others through my words and actions.
Scriptures: Prov. 4:23 and Luke 6:45
Materials: 2 cans of carbonated beverage, tarp

Before the ministry time, prepare an unopened can by poking a small hole in the bottom. Drain the beverage so that the can appears full but is actually empty.

Show the prepared can to the children and talk about how much you love the drink and how much you are looking forward to drinking it! Explain, however, that you like a well-shaken beverage before drinking; then start to shake the can!

The children will get nervous as you shake it up because they assume the contents are fizzing up inside. After shaking the can for awhile, walk out among the kids and pretend to open it over the heads of some children. Do this several times before finally opening the can, showing that nothing happens because the can is actually empty.

Have a child read Luke 6:45. Point out, that if the can had a carbonated beverage inside, it would have come out. But since there wasn’t anything inside, nothing came out. In the same way, what is in our hearts will come out. If we have good in our hearts, good will come out. If we have bad in our hearts, bad will come out.

For a messy twist that kids will love, have an area covered with a tarp and shake up an actual carbonated beverage can and let it explode over the tarp! The kids will love it!

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