It is important to follow-up with participants after any special ministry event.  If your event involved new children or families, it is very important to make contact with them within a week. Be sure to thank them for attending, give information about your church, and invite them to contact you. Follow-up has become easier as technology has developed because there are so many options. You can send a note, call, email, contact through social media, etc. When you obtain contact information at an event, be sure to ask for address, phone number, and email to improve your chances at follow-up.

Although traditional methods of follow-up are still effective, you might try to use creative ways to engage families and children.

  • Include part of a scavenger hunt or puzzle in your follow-up note. Have the remainder of the activity on your church Facebook page or website.
  • If you are sending a letter to parents, include small items, such as stickers, for the children.
  • Include a coupon for a free drink, ice cream cone, etc. at a local fast food restaurant. You can add the cost of the coupon into your budget or ask for donations.
  • Have your follow-up include some sort of parenting resource (website, idea, etc.).
  • Follow-up more than once. Often people expect to hear from you the first time. A second or third contact shows that you really care.

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