Develop a Detailed Plan


Once you have determined your purpose, you need to develop a detailed plan. Your plan should include more than just the who, what, when, and where about the event. Each event will need a plan for registration, supplies, volunteers, etc. However, how you plan will depend upon the specific event. For example, some events, such as VBS, require a detailed registration plan because many parents will be dropping off their children. For other events, such as a fall festival, children will be under the supervision of their parents, so the registration plan will look different. Your supply list will be very different if you are doing a family movie night vs. a family game night. Some events require coordination with other organizations. If you are offering tutoring, it would be good to have a relationship with the local school. A knowledge of community resources would be very helpful when assisting families with food or clothing needs.

To help you think through some basic things you should consider when planning any event, you can download an event planning guide below.

Sample Event Planning Guide

Blank Event Planning Guide

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