Bulletin Boards

I love using bulletin boards in my children’s ministry area. They’re great for so many reasons. You can use them for information for parents/volunteers and to display student work. However, I love using them as a part of my lesson, especially if I’m teaching a series with a theme. Here are some ideas to incorporate bulletin boards into your lessons and ways to make an ordinary board become extraordinary.

Make your boards interactive and kid friendly.

  • Display scenes or objects from the Bible story in creative ways, and allow children to touch them. For example, when teaching any Bible story involving crops or items that grow, you could grow beans directly on your bulletin board.  Place the beans in a plastic bag filled with a wet paper towel and staple the bag to the bulletin board. Children will enjoy helping to prepare this project.  As they watch the vines grow from week to week, they will have a visual reminder of the Bible story.
  • Use bright, vibrant colored paper on the bulletin board and include different textures. Instead of using plain white paper for clouds, glue some batting onto your clouds to give it a textured pop! Small pieces of felt or fabric are an excellent alternative to using colored paper.
  • Tissue paper and silk flowers are a great accent when doing a theme with flowers or gardens.
  • Instead of using a normal bulletin board trim, give it a 3D look by using scrunched up crepe paper, or cut out strips of colorful paper and make it look wavy, instead of laying it flat against the board.
  • During fall, use some artificial autumn leaves to add texture to your board. Palm branches around Palm Sunday always look really great.
  • Use bulletin boards as a part of your ministry time.
    • Prayer: You can teach a series of lessons on prayer. Divide your bulletin board into two sides. One side is for prayer requests. The other side is for answered prayers. During your lesson, give the children an opportunity to write down the things they want to pray about. They can attach their prayer requests to the correct side of the board using whatever method you choose (tape, push-pins, clothes pins on a string, etc.) As prayers are answered, they can transfer their requests to the answered prayers side of the board.
    • Acts of Kindness:Teach a series on showing love/kindness. During one lesson have students give suggestions of ways they can show kindness to others. On one half of the board make a title that says: “Random Acts of Kindness”. Underneath the title place a variety of envelopes, each containing one suggestion the children gave about ways to show kindness to others.  At the bottom of the board,  list instructions: Step 1: Pick out a card from any envelope. Step 2: complete the act of kindness. Step 3: Take a picture. Step 4: Keep it going! Reserve the other side of the board for the pictures as students bring them in.
    • What Stuck with You:Make a colorful board that simply says, “What stuck with you?” At the end of class, hand out sticky notes, and have the students write down what they learned from the lesson. Then stick their notes to the board. It gets them thinking, and it will give you some feedback of whether or not they’re listening!

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