Children who are serving NOW!

We recently asked children’s ministers to share how children in their churches are making a difference in their world. In this month’s blog, we want to share some of those stories.

Lillian Tolbert
Lillian is nine years old and in the fourth grade.  Not too long ago, she discovered that one of her best friends at school, Mira, lived just a few houses down the street from her. They began spending time together in their neighborhood, as well as, at school.

She and Mira sometimes talked about Jesus, and Lillian invited Mira to come to Kidz Konnection at her church on Wednesday evenings.  Now Mira and her younger sister Jocelyn come with Lillian every week.


Scarlette Reid
Scarlette Reid is nine years old and attends the Old Harbour Bay COGOP in Jamaica. One of the ways Scarlette shines her light is by helping her grandmother clean the church. Scarlette helps to ensure that the church building is clean and ready for worship on a Sunday Morning. She is often seen with her grandmother cleaning, sweeping, dusting, mopping, and clearing away the garbage. This has allowed all who worship in the building to feel more comfortable.  She is never forced to do it. She does it because she likes working for the Lord.


Andrew Johnson
During Easter this year, Andrew created a story at church using stones to retell the Easter story. He shared the story at school with his fellow classmates and asked them to say the sinner’s prayer with him.





Gracen Johnson
Gracen Johnson is twelve years old and loves to honor God when she plays basketball. Before every game, she gathers her team to pray in a huddle with their coach. They pray for safety before the game.  She feels this is a great way to share God with those watching the game and with the girls on her team who do not attend church.




Nichaila Robinson
Nichaila is ten years old. She was saved in 2015 and baptized in 2016. Nichaila experienced the healing power of God in 2013 when she had to be hospitalized for chronic pneumonia. Through the prayers of her family and other believers, Nichaila was completely healed. She was released from the hospital, as the doctors saw no sign of the pneumonia they had diagnosed.

She continues to witness to her friends at school about God’s healing power and His grace to save them.  Nichaila was the preacher in the children’s ministries session at the convention at St. Catherine East, Jamaica.


Young Ambassadors for Christ
A group of children in the United Kingdom, known as Young Ambassadors for Christ, holds a concert each year to raise money for Helping Hands for Kids. In 2016, they raised £ 200 for an orphanage India, helping to provide funding for the purchase of playground equipment. In 2017, they raised £ 700 for Venezuelan pastors’ children to assist with providing essential supplies such as food, personal care items, clothing, and school supplies.  In 2018, they raised £708.54 for outreach in Frydek-Místek, Czech Republic, to children who are living in a neighborhood with easy access to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.  In the words of 11 year old Jamine Bryan, a member of the Young Ambassadors for Christ, “I feel really good that us being children of God in this country are able to give to children that may not have enough in different countries and are able to give them the opportunity to know more about God. And this is how I shine my light through the darkness.”