Budgets and Fundraising


Too often, we fail to plan special ministry events because we are afraid of the cost. Do not let that fear keep you from reaching children. Consider these suggestions to help you with the issue of money and special events.

  • Begin by asking God for His vision for special events in your ministry. When God has an idea, He certainly has no trouble paying for it.
  • Start small. If you are planning your first special event, begin with an event that is low cost, and then build on it.
  • Prepare a detailed budget before you raise money or ask for donations. Demonstrating good stewardship begins with your budget. Be specific about how you will spend any money given to this event.
  • Ask for donations for a purpose, not an event. For example, explain that you want to tell the story of Jesus to children who have never heard the gospel message. You will doing this at a community festival while face painting. In order to make this happen, you need donations for the supplies. You are asking for donations to help spread the gospel message, not just for paint. See the difference?
  • Plan a fundraiser. Remember, the more specific you are about the event, the more success you will have with fundraising. I always get more donations when I mention our Fall Festival than when I ask for donations for children’s ministries in general.


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