Open bible and cross

Everyone benefits from making a simple Bible story come alive right in front of them.  Not only is it exciting for the teacher to watch children become more engaged into the lesson, but it is also exciting for the children to feel like they’re a part of the story.  The key is to find the main focus or the setting of your story, and ask yourself, “How can I create that in my room?”

  • Make a large mural by drawing out scenes from your Bible story. You could draw out the setting or perhaps the characters themselves.  If you’re not an artist, find an image to match your story and project it onto the wall. Then, trace your image onto a large piece of paper. Color or paint it, and you’re an instant artist!  You can use this same technique for Bible characters. One very memorable time was when I made a 9 foot giant to teach the story of David and Goliath.  Kids can hear that story over and over, yet when they get to actually stand in front of something so huge and can compare their size to his, they will remember!
  • For any story that has a river in it, remove the normal seating and create a river in the ministry area using blue plastic table covers and river stones. Allow students to gather around the river while you present your lesson.
  • Below are some ideas for specific Bible stories:

Daniel and the Lion’s Den: Draw paw prints on paper and cut them out.  Using the paw prints, make a trail starting at the front doors of the church and ending in your children’s ministry area. Purposely wind your path through the church and around some obstacles.  The kids’ curiosity will peak as they follow the trail of lion paw prints.

The 3 Hebrew Boys in the Fiery Furnace: Construct a fiery furnace out of large boxes, such as large moving boxes or an old appliance box. Add some yellow and orange tissue paper to look like flames of fire.

The Triumphant Entry: Use costumes or old clothes to make a pathway throughout your children’s ministry area. Lay the clothes on the ground along with palm branches to give a visual of what the triumphant entry may have looked like. If you don’t have actual palm branches, you can make your own out of green construction paper.

The Last Supper: Place throw pillows around a short table for the children to sit on instead of chairs. If you do not have a short table, you can set a normal table top on concrete blocks, so it’s low to the ground. Drape the table with a fabric, add a bunch of purple grapes, a goblet of grape juice and some bread. Have children remove their shoes upon arrival and find a seat around the table.

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