Ukraine Provides Assistance to Thousands in War Zones, Pays Ransoms for Orphans

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Image 02In the recent May/June 2015, One Child Fund newsletter we gave the following report:

We are grateful for the home that’s been provided to house a number of the orphans in Ukraine that could not be placed elsewhere. A few days ago we received word from Bishop Vitaliy concerning many children who have been caught in the violence. Please pray for discernment as our people negotiate safe transport and placement of these children into loving homes. Please keep the orphanages of Ukraine in your prayers as they embark on new opportunities. Prayers for guidance and wisdom are deeply appreciated. The following is an update from Bishop Vitaliy:

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for your support to us in this difficult time. Through your prayers and financial support we were able to help thousands of people in a war zone, as well as to continue sponsoring two centers that provide humanitarian assistance to temporarily displaced persons. The work done to date has made it possible to lead hundreds and thousands of people to salvation in Christ, and we give all the glory to the Lord.

Image 07Recently the curator of our orphanages requested help to take children out of the area of ATO, but soldiers of the self-proclaimed republic made ransom demands of $100 per child. We are now trying to take out as many children as possible.

As a church, we feel responsible for these children. These are the children who are left without  parental care as a result of the parents’ death during the war (children of our orphanages were taken out a year ago). Please do not misunderstand me; I’m not asking for this amount, I understand that it’s very large. Now we are trying by all possible means to take out all the children. We pray for God’s miracle, as there is a great risk. But we know that for God nothing is impossible, and as He has brought us this far, He won’t abandon us ever.

Our brother is now looking for opportunities of adoption of children by families in Ukraine and other European countries. Some children have no valid identification documents, and this complicates document processing. We are taking legal advice to find out how we can help children here.

We are delighted to tell you that, as of today, 37 children have already been taken out of the war zone and are now undergoing adaptation and rehabilitation in the children’s camp. We already have a list of families from Poland who are willing to adopt these children. We are still trying to take out as many children as possible from the military area while there’s still an opportunity.

Image 04Additionally, this year we have already held three training courses on chaplaincy. And we already have dozens of testimonies of God’s glory revealed through our brothers who minister on the front line saving our soldiers. April 20th-25th, the express training course on chaplaincy developed by Interdenominational chaplaincy team and NGO “Ukrainian Chaplaincy” was held in the Emmanuil Spiritual Center. The aim of this course was to familiarize the participants with mission and tasks of chaplaincy and to teach them basic knowledge and skills necessary to begin working as a chaplain. Lecturers of the course are ministers with extensive practical experience in chaplaincy in Ukraine and abroad. Training was based on findings and recommendations on the organization of the chaplain service in NATO countries where history of chaplaincy stretches back more than two centuries.

This week we will send off a car with food for our churches in the war zone. For over a year now we have fed the hungry and sent humanitarian aid to this region in Ukraine.

Wishing you every blessing,

Vitaliy Vozniuk, National Overseer