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Logo1The International Offices has received the following report from our National Leader in Napal, Bishop Gopal Lama. Global Missions Ministries and the Asia-Oceania General Presbyter’s Office have already begun sending emergency assistance funds to assist with the immediate needs of our leaders and members in Nepal. Please continue to pray for Nepal and consider how you might be able to assist with the relief and coming recovery efforts for our church family there. Information is below on how to give to our efforts.

Bishop Gopal writes:

nepal-quake“Greetings from broken Nepal with broken heart.

Thanks for remembering, thanks for praying.

Thank God me, my family, and my parents are safe, though we are taking refuge in an open space in Kathmandu, no food to eat, no water to drink, not have proper Tent, in dire need.

In the Kathmandu, city itself is still taking dead body from the buildings, what about in the hill and mountain area.

My father and mother they were in the mountain in Dhading district, just this morning, I could got the news about my parents they are safe. Praise God for that.

Nepal quakeIn the Dhading district in the mountain, 1 of our cogop pastors died in the Choke village in Dhading, and in the Richet village one pastor’s wives died. Many churches and many of our pastors house and believers are totally damaged, washed away from the flood.

In the mountain area, not only the earthquake but after the quake, begun to fell down big rock, began to fall even the top mountain, and begun to flood.
Many times big helicopter went to the mountain side, but not enough place to land, only small size helicopter, that also some time due to heavy rain, cloud, could not land.

Many peoples are dying without food, no rescue, no shelter……!

Bishop Gopal Lama, National Leader of Nepal
Bishop Gopal Lama, National Leader of Nepal

All Nepalis in the WORLD are CRYING. Hospitals are facing shortage of oxygen, citizens are not getting basic needs still, even in Kathmandu.

Even in Kathmandu, not have electricity, food, water, tent…..many more.

Please-please pray for us and help us. I will keep on updating you, you might have receiving the details news from the BBC/CNN and Internet too.

We all are facing problems, where we used to live in Kathmandu that house also totally damaged, destroyed, not have place to stay.

May God bless you.

Still exact news in detail yet to come from the Dhading district about our more than 15 pastors/cogop churches. no telephone, connection.”

As you are able to designate gifts of love please designate them as Nepal—Crisis Relief Efforts. Local Churches can designate their gifts through Harvest Partners and individuals can give through Helping Hand Ministry. Donors who support our orphanages there can designate their gifts through One Child Fund. You can donate on line immediately.

Thank you in advance for caring, loving, praying, and for any financial support you can offer.

To give securely online, click here.

Mail donations to:
Global Missions Ministries
Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
P.O. Box 2910
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Please designate your gift as “Nepal—Crisis Relief Effort”

100% of your gift will go to relief and recovery efforts in Nepal.

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