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The following report was sent to Global Mission Ministries from our missionaries serving in Azerbaijan. Your prayers are vital to us in Azerbaijan. Should you research the religions of our nation, you will find there are very few Christians. As Brother Jeyhun mentions in this news, there is a huge need for the Gospel to be represented. Please pray for laborers in this vast Harvest region.

Greetings to you in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ! May 7-11, my brother, Vagif, and I went together with a team from the nation of Georgia (2 people) and the city of Nalchik (3 people), Cherkessk to the North Caucasus. May 9-10, we held a seminar on “World Mission and Evangelism Unreached Peoples.”

Basically, we challenged the church to have a vision for the peoples of the North Caucasus. During our service to the people, three people repented, two of them were from the Circassians. We went from house to house and served the people by praying for healing.

Thank God, the ministry was very good. We’re going to go there again, serve in this church and raise a team to jointly serve the peoples of the Caucasus. We also have a desire to go to another city, Ust-Djugut near of Cherkessk, to have more evangelism opportunities.

At the end of May, it was our third time to go to North Caucasus in the city Cherkessk. This Karachay-Cherkess Republic is in North Caucasus. More than 10 million live in North Caucasus. People, including more than 6 million natives and 45 language groups inhabit the mountainous regions of the Caucasus in southern Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. Besides them, there are tons of other nationalities. This is the multi-national region of Russia. Non-Christian nations remain mostly not reached by the gospel for several reasons: the constant tensions, bureaucracy, bribery, deep-rooted non-Christian traditions, the most difficult languages in the world, geographical remoteness and mountainous regions are closed. For these reasons, there are very few missionaries. People have a very strong need of God’s grace. In this region, there are a little more than 5,000 believers from local nationalities. Among the representatives of 23 nations in North Caucasus, there is no faith in Jesus Christ. The people of the North Caucasus are in great need of prayer, especially laborers who could teach others, and also translations of the Bible in their language.

Pray that we could more often go with the team at North Caucasus and serve the local peoples and also that we can raise missionaries for the region.

June 9-11, my brother and I went to Georgia in Marneuli. The main purpose of our trip was to go to our missionaries from the association of house churches, to encourage them, pray with them and find out their needs. Georgia is considered a Christian country. There are more than 250 evangelical Christian churches and also many Orthodox churches. In Georgia, with a population of about 4 million are more than 600,000 non-Christians, most of them Azeris, then Ajara (non-Christian Georgians), Chechens, Avars, Iranians, Kurds and others.

Among our Christian churches, only one church consists of Azerbaijanis (15-20) and the work among non-Christians is weak. Just a few missionaries from other countries (8 persons from Azerbaijan) are among these peoples. Please pray that our local churches will raise missionaries who could serve among the non-Christian peoples of Georgia, as well as, missionaries come to Azerbaijan for church planting. Our missionary, Adeliya, helps in children’s ministry, youth ministry, is involved in the Vision School, as well as, making home visits to friends, and the newly saved. “Glorifying God through prayer, the harvest, and leadership development.”

Sincerely, Brother Jeyhun


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