As the hurricane known as Matthew passed through the Caribbean, we all witnessed the violent winds, rain, and increasing intensity thrust on those islands. We have heard from the Island of Hispaniola, which is home to both Haiti and Dominican Republic. We also have a report front Cuba.

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Some news reports are estimating more than 800 deaths in Haiti. This nation has limited government or social infrastructure to respond to crisis as they are still rebuilding their nation and strength after the earthquake of 2010.

UPDATE Assessment:
1) About 53 churches damaged and destroyed.

2) About 50 of our members have died. Among them a church Minister Responsible with his two children and 35 of his members.

3) More than 300 houses of Ministers and Members are completely destroyed.

4) About 4000 Ministers and members are victims.

5) Among our 20 Districts, 7 of them are stricken and they are :
a) Grand-Anse
b) Les Cayes c) Baraderes
d) Vieux-Bourd d’Aquin
e) Cotes-de-Fer
f) Grand-Goave

From Bishop Dorlean, National Overseer of Haiti, Here is a partial assessment of the hurricane Matthew:

1) At Cotes-de-Fer: Six (6) churches are totally destroyed and some others are damaged. The roofs of some churches are blown away. The presbytery is completely crushed and hundreds of members are devastated.

2) At Miragoane and at Baie-Dumesle: the roofs (tiles) of these churches were swept away by the wind and many members are devastated.

3) The church of Beanos is totally destroyed. Again, hundreds of members are devastated.

4) At Leogane: Things are terrible, but the orphanage sustained no damage. God saved our children.


Cuba: Baracoa, Cuba

I just received word from Cuba. This is the area of Cuba that was hit the hardest. We have 18 members of the church who have all lost their homes. Since we received the news, we have lost communication with them. Moices Hernandez, the national overseer is working with the government trying to get to them, but at this point, the roads are not accessible.

Dominican Republic

dr1From Ben Feliz: This photo is from the church in La Altagracia, La Romana in the Dominican Republic that is under construction. The local church has been using the shell for worship services. As you can see, the front wall collapsed due to the intense rain and sustained wind. They will need to repair the wall so they can move forward in worship and in construction.

Thank you for your prayers for each of these regions and for others who were in the path of the Hurricane and were affected by the destructive rains and wind.

The needs are great for immediate recovery to assist with drinking water, food, and shelter. After recovery, the needs to rebuild will rise to replace roofs, walls, homes, and church buildings. To respond in giving to help our family in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other disaster areas, local churches may give through Project Giving (HPL2) to Disaster Relief – Hurricane Matthew. Individuals may give through the Helping Hand Ministry to Disaster Relief – Hurricane Matthew. Please note the nation to which your gift should be sent. Remember, giving through Global Missions Ministries in The Church of God of Prophecy insures that 100% of your gift gets to the nation for assistance.

Thank you for your compassion and consideration.

Cathy Payne
Global Missions Ministries.

You can donate to the Dissater Relief from Hurricane Matthew by clicking the button below.