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General Overseer Statement Regarding Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision

General Overseer Statement Regarding Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision

Bishop Sam N. Clements, General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, with wife Linda.

In response to today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Church of God of Prophecy General Overseer Sam N. Clements has released the following statement:

The Church of God of Prophecy believes that marriage is a lifelong institution, established by God, between a man and woman joined as husband and wife. By its very nature, marriage exists for the mutual love and support of spouses, for the procreation and training of children, and as a foundation for community. Marriage as an institution is important to the continuation of the human race and to the dignity, stability, and prosperity of the family unit and society.

Because the marital relationship offers these and many other benefits to the individual, society, and the church, we have clearly stated our position on the sanctity of the institution of marriage. We believe that it is one that must be preserved, protected, and promoted.

The General Assembly of 2006 accepted the document entitled, “The Biblical Institution of Marriage.” Within this document, our organization defined what we believe as biblically valid marriages. In Section II, Item C-4, the document reads as follows:

Types of Marriages
Almost all known societies operate a complex system, which involves the co-existence of different legal realms within the same national legal system, such as customary law and common law. In various parts of the world, it is common to find the indigenously based customary law existing side by side with the received law, based on that of the former colonial power. Under Roman law, there were two types of marriages: manus marriage, which meant the wife was in “the hands” of her husband (in his legal control); a free marriage, where the wife was not subject to that control; the wife was legally independent (husband not holding legal power over her). The Christian church recognizes these many variations of marriage, with the exception of polygamy, free (common law) marriages, same-sex marriages, or where other elements of biblically lawful marriages have been violated (Important Business Acts of the 94th International Assembly, page 25).

Due to the departure of societies from Judeo-Christian values, the Church renounces biblically unlawful unions, such as same-sex, incestuous, or polygamous marriages, even if they are legal in the eyes of local, state, or national governments (Important Business Acts of the 94th International Assembly, page 25).

Therefore, as we renounce the biblically unlawful unions as prescribed above, including same-sex marriage, ministers are not permitted to perform these marriages and churches are not to host these ceremonies.

The Biblical Institution of Marriage document is an excellent resource to gaining greater understanding of the Church of God of Prophecy’s position on most issues pertaining to marriage and family and is available for download on the church website at this link.

We must remember that Scripture directs us to reflect the love and compassion of Christ to all people. This mandate in no way compromises our biblical position against homosexuality and same-sex marriage. We must love all people and faithfully share with them the truth of God’s transforming Word with love, humility, compassion, and civility.

Finally, we condemn any act of violence or abuse, verbal or physical, of any persons on the basis of sexual orientation. These actions violate the Christian’s obligation to love our neighbor as ourselves.

As I pray for our nation, I am reminded of the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Despite the headlines of our time, we have a hope that our prayers will touch the heart of the Father, but we also have a responsibility as His people. May we truly humble ourselves and petition the Father through prayer on behalf of our nation.

—Bishop Sam N. Clements, General Overseer, Church of God of Prophecy

This statement is also available in French and Spanish.


Church of God Calls for Prayer for Sister Church After Tragedy

WilliamsFollowing news of a tragic shooting that left two dead in a Central American church, Church of God General Overseer Mark L. Williams has issued a call for prayer. The incident happened in a Church of God of Prophecy congregation in a Guatemala City suburb called La Perez Guisasola, when a gunman burst into the Saturday evening service, killing two and wounding several others.he connection of the shooter with the congregation, or the motive for the shooting, we can state clearly that an action like this is completely alien and antithetical to the purpose of the church, which is to bring good news of salvation and grace to a hurting world.”

Further details about the occurrence are not yet available, but the Reverend Ben Feliz, general presbyter for Mexico, Central America, and the Spanish Caribbean for the Church of God of Prophecy, has asked members to pray for the family and friends of those who were murdered and for the congregation. Dr. Williams has echoed the call to intercession and is requesting that the Church of God stand with their Church of God of Prophecy brothers and sisters in their time of grief.

The Guatemala church tragedy follows by three days a similar event in Charleston, South Carolina, when a young white man murdered nine black worshippers in a historically black church during a Wednesday night prayer meeting. It is not known if the Central American gunman might have been influenced by that incident.

The two church bodies—the Church of God and the Church of God of Prophecy—have a common origin, both have their international offices in Cleveland, Tennessee, and they share a collegial relationship.

General Overseer’s Statement: Attack on Guatemala Congregation

General Overseer’s Statement: Attack on Guatemala Congregation

10389967_10153312420216023_3963590422015494149_nThis weekend it was reported that a gunman entered the Church of God of Prophecy located in La Perez Guisasola, Guatemala. The gunman opened fire, killing two people, and critically wounding several others. Bishop Benjamin Feliz, General Presbyter for Mexico, Central America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, has asked for prayer for the families and the entire community.

On Sunday, Bishop Sam Clements, General Overseer, released the following statement:

“We received the devastating news today that a gunman carried out a cowardly attack in a Church of God of Prophecy near Guatemala City last night. Although we are still waiting for additional information, we have heard that a young girl and young woman were killed while nine others were injured and are currently receiving medical treatment.

VictimWe want our Church family and the community to know that we stand with you, we love you, and we are praying for you. As the people of God under the empowering of the Holy Spirit, we come against these attacks of the enemy that are happening more frequently against our churches and all those of the Christian faith.

We in the International Offices, including Bishop Ben Feliz, General Presbyter for Central America, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, are calling for a prayer covering for our church members along with the larger Christian community in Central America and across the world. We trust in the Word of God that tells us, ‘Do not fear,’ because ‘greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world’ (1 John 4:4).”

Continued Growth and New Opportunities in Russia

Continued Growth and New Opportunities in Russia

Image 04Warm greetings from Russia! I’m so grateful to our Harvest Partners for your attention to our country and desire to be partnered with us in this vast harvest. Please know that our prayers are with you also.

At the beginning of 2015, the Moscow Church “Bethesda” started experiencing changes. New ministries are opening; new people are coming to the church; and there is much excitement in the air as we have been preparing for baptisms, weddings, births of babies, etc.

Our Youth Ministry has begun to grow and go into a new level. Weekly, our youth meet at 12 Noon in a rented room where they pray together, praise God, and hear His Word. After their time together, they go out into the community and evangelize. One of the latest activities they have undertaken is their preparation for a new activity which will encourage young people to “change your cigarette to candy.” Tobacco use is a big problem, and this effort will suggest people to convert a cigarette or a pack of cigarettes to something sweet, thereby asserting a desire for a healthier lifestyle. Also, there is preparation underway for the annual Youth Camp in August, organized by our Church together in a joint effort with a group from the UK. Please pray that our young people will be reignited once again by Holy Spirit to serve Christ to their full potential, receiving all He has for each one of them.

Image 03In May, we started a new home group for the purpose of uniting Church members within their area. It was a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship, bringing people together, and uniting the Church.

Presently, we have 5 people who are preparing to get baptized. They study a special program and have a time of communication with our pastor to help them fully understand the purpose and need as new Christians to follow Christ. 

Image 05Our Children’s Ministry is beginning to develop into a stronger ministry for our children. We have many children of different ages, who take great pleasure attending the lessons, reading the Bible, learning their “Golden verses,” praying, praising God with songs, and participating in holiday services. Our desire is to train and instill in each child a love for God and that they will become wonderful Christians.

We also have a growing number of newborn babies. In this regard, we are developing a new direction for our Women’s Ministry to do baby showers for these young mothers and new babies. Every week, our women get together for prayer and study of the Word. And, on Tuesdays, we have mothers’ prayer meetings for families, children, and husbands, as well as special emphasis given to unsaved relatives.

Image 07Once a month, our women also gather together for a special service. And, following their general meeting, sisters from the “Golden Agers Group” get together for prayer and bringing the needs of our church members before God. We hear many wonderful testimonies of God’s glory! Did you know… Russia and America are only 2.5 miles at the nearest point? 

As the number of ministries we do has increased, we find ourselves in need of our own church building here in Moscow. We need a place where we can have service, prayer meetings, home groups, and communication. We have been praying and making efforts to realize this dream!

Image 11As I have been looking at different offers, we have inquired to the owners of a property located in a very good area. It is near the train station and is a great piece of land. The asking price is 160,000$ which is a great price in Moscow, but for our Church people, this is a huge amount. But we believe that nothing is impossible for God! Right now, the US Dollar Exchange Rate is good for our Russian Rubbles, but it has begun to drop some already so we need to act as quickly as possible. We are grateful to Bishop Clayton and Sister Cathy for praying with us about this property, and for them being willing to help us raise funds to have our very first own worship building! In September, Bishop Clayton is coming for a visit with us in Russia, and I want to be able to show him this property. Please stand with us through prayers and faith that our God will supply our need for this worship facility before the door of opportunity closes. The growth we are presently experiencing allows us to know we must move forward for God, as He continues opening new doors of ministry in Moscow. 

Image 15Please pray with us for our dream at Moscow Bethesda Church to become a reality to have our own building—a place honoring God where people will come and get saved! Thank you for any gift you can afford to help us with this need. We do appreciate your loving support. May God bless each of you is our prayer.

For the Cause of Christ, Misha Murza National Overseer, Russia 

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragements, and financial support to impact the nation of Russia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are making a tremendous difference and it is deeply appreciated.

As you have read in this newsletter, we have the opportunity to assist the Moscow Bethesda Church to realize a dream come true! Won’t you consider how you can bless these efforts to have their very own place of worship. Local churches can contribute through Harvest Partners Project Giving, and individuals can give through Helping Hand.

Please designate you gift as: Russia—Moscow Bethesda Church

Image 18All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you specify. 

Harvest Partners Ministry
Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
PO Box 2910
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Camping Ministry Touches Children and Youth in Uruguay

Camping Ministry Touches Children and Youth in Uruguay

Uruguay,-Children's-Camp.6---2015.06.15February 16‐18, 2015, our national camp for children, ages 6‐11, was carried out at the premises of Emmaus “Paraje de Las Brujas” in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Director of the sister camp. María Rey and his Staff, as well as, Andrea García and Gabriela Pérez, our Children’s Ministry Directors worked before and during the camp in a united effort. We prayed for the favor of God to come upon every child in the camp.

We had 60 children attend who were helped by the staff, pastors, and leaders, as well as, our chefs, to that they felt at home.

The slogan for our camp was “Perfume at your feet.” Prayer, praise, recreation, games, as well as, a time at the swimming pools provided for a very special three days. The workshops were conducted by several sisters, Gabriela Pérez, Celia Domínguezan and Olga Miraballes, and at night the evangelist and preacher was Sister Susana Curbelo Garcia.

Uruguay, Children's Camp.5 - 2015.06.15Children were saved, convicted in their hearts, and some received the baptism of Holy Spirit. Many were freed from pain in their hearts by the treatment that some parents gave them as though they were in their own homes. For the first time, we have taken those who are a part of the church children regularly congregating in our local churches. We want to thank all the local churches, especially those who sent their children to participate in this camp.

One thing to highlight is the work that was not completed in the camp, but that the principal and staff, alongside our National Super‐ visor, are working on to see that this number of children in every Harvest Partners June 2015 state will increase, and that every day more local churches will join the ministry of children to work unanimously to reach more children. In fact, new fields beginning with a Children’s Ministry, in order to reach their parents with the message of Jesus Christ is being encouraged.

We look forward to our next camp in 2016 that it will be wonderful for what we can see in the future from God. He is working in our church in a wonderful way.

Uruguay, National Youth Camp.7 - 2015.06.15On February 20‐22, 2015, we held our national youth camp for our young people who participated from different local churches to be blessed by God.

Our Camp Director and his staff worked hard for months before—planning a course of action and motivation which could easily be seen in every moment of the development of the program.

Forty‐nine [49] young people, who are active today in our local churches participated in the camp—prayers, praise, workshops, games, and swimming were events enjoyed by all campers.

On Friday, the 20th, we had a little band from our Church, along with two bands from the Nazarene Church. The evening ended with the Pastor from the Nazarene Church inviting the youth to participate with much inspiration.

On Saturday morning, we held a workshop by Dr. Jorge Papattian, who told us about “Depression” and the consequences with much inspiration so that our youth could have an open mind about his presentation. In the evening program we enjoyed the bands again and preaching by a pastor of the jail ministry, Brother Fernando Alvarez. The there was a beautiful altar time of release and three [3] young people were saved and received the baptism of Holy Spirit. God visited us in a very remarkable way.

Uruguay, National Youth Camp.9 - 2015.06.15Finally, on Saturday night the band “Chaura” delighted us and we enjoyed their talent. On Sunday, we had an awards time and elected a King and Queen of Camp. Songs of praise and preaching in charge of Leandro Cardoza, on the theme “Perfume at your feet” which was a very beautiful time at the altar as we witnessed young people together glorifying and worshipping God.

Then we had the farewell lunch which was spectacular with dessert, fruit, and giving of thanks to God for this camp. But the work did not end there as afterwards we have learned that 12 young people gathered together in one local church to take music lessons—a result of the camp and proposal by their local Church.

We are already looking forward to next year’s camp and having even more young people attend and bands formed by some of these music students. We are grateful that most churches have developed Youth Ministries within their local churches.

To Give

Note that all gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you so specify. 
Harvest Partners Ministry
Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
PO Box 2910
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Mission College, Church Plants, and Children’s Home in Myanmar

Mission College, Church Plants, and Children’s Home in Myanmar

National Overseer Chin (center) at the 2014 International Assembly Mission Encounter
National Overseer Chin (center) at the
2014 International Assembly Mission Encounter

We, the staff and believers of the Church of God of Prophecy in Myanmar, hope and pray that everything is going well with you and your family. We thank God for His faithful guidance from the beginning of our ministry even to now. We deeply honor and greatly appreciate your love and mission mindedness towards our nation during these days of end-time ministry.

It’s my honor to give you a brief report and update of the ministry in Myanmar. We praise God for the wonderful things the Lord has done through the ministry of Church of God of Prophecy within our nation. We praise God for the mission college which He has helped us to establish, the Church planting ministry which is growing, and for the Children Homes—which we started 10 years ago with our Carmel Children’s Home. We truly give God all the praise and thank Him for how He has flourished the ministry in Myanmar.

The past 10 years journey has not always been easy and smooth, but we have experienced the true meaning of His Divine Presence all along this journey. We still remember that it has been a great step of faith in a great God, Who has kept His hand over us all the way.

His Word teaches us to, “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world” Psalm 46:10 NLT.
His Word teaches us to, “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world” Psalm 46:10 NLT.

Recently, we were invited to lead and teach at a three-days’ seminar at Lashio, Northern Shan State, in the upper area of our nation. More than 50 people gave their lives to serve the Lord during this seminar. We are truly grateful for God’s guidance to help us in this area. We sincerely desire your prayers as this ministry in the northern area progresses, and we continue to seek and honor Him in all that we do to promote His Kingdom.

These are a few of the photos depicting some of our services and also ministry to our children and youth. People in Myanmar are sincerely seeking God to fill their lives with His Presence. Please stand in prayers with us as we continue to reach out and penetrate the cities of Myanmar with the Gospel of Christ.

Please allow us to share our prayer requests with you that the Lord will provide building funds to complete both of these churches. Two years ago, God spoke to our hearts through this Scripture in Haggai.1:7-8, “Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways. Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the LORD.” Because of this conviction we sold our livestock, some of our rice fields, and began these church buildings through those funds. But the costs of materials has been great and our funds were not enough to complete these buildings, so we rely on God to provide.

The above photo reflects the construction underway for our Bethlehem Mission Church, where Pastor Zar Pey, presides as our pastor. Approximately $4,100 would help us to complete this structure so that they could have their own worship facility.
The above photo reflects the construction underway for our Bethlehem Mission Church, where Pastor Zar Pey, presides as our pastor. Approximately $4,100 would help us to complete this structure so that they could have their own worship facility.

We constantly pray and believe that God will open the right doors to meet the funding needed to complete the two buildings. We are soon beginning to enter the rainy season, and it will be time to start working in the rice farms. Our Pastors Zar Pey and Aung Mee have asked us to please pray that work can be completed on these church buildings before we have to begin working in our rice farms.

We sincerely submit these projects in the fear of God, through the approval of our General Presbyter, and with a real sense of implementing the 2020 Vision in Myanmar. Thank you very much for your great concern and partnership with the ministry of our nation. We deeply appreciate and greatly honor each of you for your continued prayers and financial support for these beautiful babies of God.

—In His Ministry, Chin Kang Mon, National Overseer

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for our Mission College, it will be reopening June 1, 2015. We need two rented houses—one to accommodate the boys’ hostel and the other for girls’. These two houses will cost around $500/month. This is a big issue for us, because we have been running the College only by faith.
  2. Please continue to pray for Bethlehem and Taungmann Mission Churches’ constructions. We have exhausted all the funds we had to invest for both of these constructions.
  3. Please remember in your prayers that all the children in our orphanages will be admitted by the government to school for this term.
  4. Please pray for 4 of our house churches which are badly in need for their own church buildings,
    because the government does not allow continuing to worship in dwelling houses.
  5. Please continue to pray for all those who turned to Lord during our April Youth Camp. As soon as they took water baptism, they were immediately expelled from their families. We now have a big responsibility to look after them and help provide their daily needs.

To Give

Special Project Giving [Harvest Partners or Helping Hand] is needed for two buildings in Myanmar—the Bethlehem Mission Church and the Taungmann Mission [Magway Division] Church.
To help support either of these building projects, you can give by designating your gift of love as: Myanmar—[List Name of Specific Building Project

Also, we have three active orphanages in Myanmar which are funded by your loving monthly sponsorship through One Child Fund.

Note that all gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you so specify.
Global Missions Ministries
Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
PO Box 2910
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Improvements Made at Rwanda Orphanage

Improvements Made at Rwanda Orphanage

Image 10Much has been achieved in the efforts to enhance the kingdom of God here in Rwanda. And by your generous giving, the work was made easier for us. Together, we were able to achieve many tangible and effective results with the support of prayers and funds you send to us here in Rwanda, Africa. And, we sincerely thank you.

After the great success and completion of the Rwanda Orphanage building construction, the free primary school started their 2015 academic
year and also managed to close the term successfully. Much work was done on the renovation of the school—with repairs of furniture, window glasses, and new paint. We are pleased to announce that we received 85% points from the local Education Authority of Rwanda. May God be glorified for all He has helped us to accomplish.

New Kindergarten Playground Equipment
New Kindergarten Playground Equipment

Also, one of the 2 merry-go-rounds and swing equipments at the kindergarten were old and worn out after serving for 10 years. These items were renovated, painted, and now they look good and are working perfectly. The other merry-go-round was beyond repair and needs replacement.

At the beginning of the school term, through your support, our children were able to have a good breakfast, school materials, shoes and clothes, and also had Christmas festivals and gifts. The school children also were able to finish well—with their teachers giving reports on their good performances during this past year. We are very thankful for these great reports.

At the orphanage, we have been feeding the children soybeans mixed with maize meal, and this has been good nutrition for them, especially when we are able to mix it with some milk. We are very grateful for those who have given funds to help us provide nutritious meals for the children. However, since the number of children has increased, we still need your support to help us supply proper nutrition and milk for the children. Thank you for giving to help us provide these necessities.

The photo above shows some of our children being entertained with refreshments the closing day of school.
The photo above shows some of our children being entertained with refreshments the closing day of school.

We also want to give special thanks to the people who donated clothes for the Clothes Closet at the International Assembly. I was able to get many clothes for the orphans during this event. Some items fit them very well and those which were too big, we were able to resize them with the sewing machine which we bought from funds received from our Sister Mama Beasley in North Carolina. She provided these funds on her last visit made to the orphanage. What a wonderful gift of love and blessing this sewing machine has already been!

We cannot fail to mention the blessing of being visited by some of our Harvest Partners from Alabama and North Carolina (Sister Denise and her 2 granddaughters) who came to visit and stay for a short time with the children; and also a team which came with Evangelist John Douglas, who came to serve the Lord with us here in Rwanda.

The children at the orphanage were also reached with the love of God shown by these visitors; and, many young people and grownups have been touched by Evangelist John Douglas and his team as they visited our churches and villages.

Image 30More good news for our Harvest Partners to rejoice with us is about the wedding of one of our children, who was among the children in the orphanage. She finished her education under the One Child Fund of the Church of God of Prophecy, and recently got married after completing her university studies. Sister Micheline was brought to the orphanage years ago by my sister, Emerithe, when she found her attempting to commit suicide, so Emerithe brought her home to my mother. She was then given a safe home within our orphanage, and as time has progressed, Emerithe has become the Mother figure in Micheline’s life. We rejoice with her and all that God has accomplished, and for what He has planned for her future.

Sadly, we report that heavy rains and winds have destroyed our church in Bicumbi. The local authorities have banned our people from repairing the building, and instead, has ruled that they must build a safer place of worship. Our members have temporarily transferred into a rented building until God does a miracle for them. Please pray for our brothers and sisters of the Bicumbi congregation as they try to overcome this huge challenge. Any gifts of love to assist them in rebuilding can be given through Project Giving by designating your offering as: Rwanda—Bicumbi Church Project.

In addition to the above mentioned Bicumbi Church project, there are two other pressing needs for which we desire your prayerful support—one is the necessary legal fees needed for the official government registration of our church; and the other is for repairs to the faithful serving vehicle of the National Overseer. It has been grounded again over a badly needed engine overhaul in order to serve us for the next 3 years as we travel across and minister throughout Rwanda and Burundi.

May the Lord bless all of you with a blessed year and spirit filled life as we endeavor to serve the Lord and His Church. You are in our prayers always.

Reported by: Redias Nkundabera National Overseer Rwanda and Burundi

Image 45Prayer Need and Appeal

The effects of political unrest in Burundi have caused our Field Secretary, Pastor Subire Jean Bosco, his family, and 24 of our church members to flee to Rwanda for safety and refuge. The Field Secretary and his family are being hosted in Kigali, and the rest of our members are being cared for by our Bugesera Church near the border of Burundi. The brethren in Bugesera are in need of many relief supplies like food and blankets for cover. They hope to return home when the situation calms down after the election. We request prayer for these problems in Burundi, for the protection of our ministry and property, and for any possible relief to assist those who are here with us in Rwanda.

Thank you, Harvest Partners, for your faithful prayers, encouragements, and loving support to our brothers and sisters in Rwanda and Burundi.

As you have read in this newsletter, there are a number of specific needs for designated Project Giving to assist within both of these nations. As Holy Spirit inspires and directs your heart, local churches can contribute to any of these needs through Harvest Partners Project Giving; and individuals can give to these projects through Helping Hand.

Please be sure to designate your gift for the specific project you desire to assist, for example, Rwanda—Bucumbi Building; or, Rwanda—Legal Fees for Registration; or, Rwanda—Vehicle Repairs; or, Burundi—Crisis Relief; etc.

Any contributions for the milk and food needs at our orphanage should be given through One Child Fund Ministry and designated as: Rwanda Orphanage—Milk and Food.

All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you specify.

Pastoral Counseling Course in the Pacific Northwest

Pastoral Counseling Course in the Pacific Northwest

Pastoral-Counseling-Course1We were privileged to have 19 students in attendance at the Pastoral Counseling Course in the Pacific Northwest.  We were also thankful that all three of the Regional Overseers for this Pacific Northwest Region could be there in the course.

Dr. Knoblich did a wonderful job of teaching and interacting with the students.  As the pictures demonstrate, we have a great cultural and ethnic background in our regions.  The weather was very nice allowing us to take beautiful walks each day during our breaks to enjoy the rich outdoors in the sun.

The hosts, Walter and Claudia Doroshuk did an exceptional job making everyone feel welcome.

The region is now expecting a necessary attendance at our next Kirkland course this coming month.  Already the students are planning to be in Boise, Idaho for Dr. Tommy Casarez and the Systematic Theology II course.

Finally, we are excited to be hosting Dr. Hector Ortiz at the World Harvest Church in Portland, Oregon on June 19, 2015 for a GCTS Rally to promote the seminary to new students and to honor our present students and new graduates.  The GCTS Consortium in the Pacific Northwest has an exciting future!

Reported by Wallace Pratt, Regional Overseer

SOPAS Goes to Ethiopia

SOPAS Goes to Ethiopia

53 studentsBishop David Bryan and Bishop Adrian Varlack brought great instruction and inspiration during our first-ever School of Practical and Advanced Studies in Addis Ababa Bishop Bryan’s teaching on Theology and training in Administration will prove very helpful for our churches throughout the country. I cannot tell you how the   ministers responded to Bishop Varlack’s presentation of the Church of God of Prophecy. He chronologically walked us through the Church’s history and his wonderful perspective was truly stirring. I will not soon forget the time we all spent weeping together in the presence of the Lord. The ministers left with a connection to our movement like they have never hadbefore.

answering questions during classOf course, it was not without its’ challenges. Bishop Masilela was turned away at the airport due to visa issues and could not join us. We rented our conference space from the Presbyterian Church in Addis Ababa. The space was comfortable and adequate except for trouble with the loss of power and water. These frustrations did not deter the Lord’s strengthening of our leaders. We have initiated a plan to carry the training we       received into the districts throughout the country. I   appointed a small committee which I call the EFA (Entrusting Faithful Ambassadors) to spearhead the preparation and fulfillment of this vision.

Beyond this, we are prayerfully considering what the next step will be for our School of Theology. Our desire for a more permanent and structured school remains. Thank you for your prayers on this point.

class timeWe are so thankful to all those who contributed in some way in making this event a reality. Certainly, much thanks goes to the team at CBL, but many other people served as our advocates along the way. A number of individuals and churches contributed to the costs, as well. You know who you are and you know we appreciate you.

Reported by Bishop Fekadu Ayele, National Overseer, Ethiopia