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Uruguay,-Children's-Camp.6---2015.06.15February 16‐18, 2015, our national camp for children, ages 6‐11, was carried out at the premises of Emmaus “Paraje de Las Brujas” in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Director of the sister camp. María Rey and his Staff, as well as, Andrea García and Gabriela Pérez, our Children’s Ministry Directors worked before and during the camp in a united effort. We prayed for the favor of God to come upon every child in the camp.

We had 60 children attend who were helped by the staff, pastors, and leaders, as well as, our chefs, to that they felt at home.

The slogan for our camp was “Perfume at your feet.” Prayer, praise, recreation, games, as well as, a time at the swimming pools provided for a very special three days. The workshops were conducted by several sisters, Gabriela Pérez, Celia Domínguezan and Olga Miraballes, and at night the evangelist and preacher was Sister Susana Curbelo Garcia.

Uruguay, Children's Camp.5 - 2015.06.15Children were saved, convicted in their hearts, and some received the baptism of Holy Spirit. Many were freed from pain in their hearts by the treatment that some parents gave them as though they were in their own homes. For the first time, we have taken those who are a part of the church children regularly congregating in our local churches. We want to thank all the local churches, especially those who sent their children to participate in this camp.

One thing to highlight is the work that was not completed in the camp, but that the principal and staff, alongside our National Super‐ visor, are working on to see that this number of children in every Harvest Partners June 2015 state will increase, and that every day more local churches will join the ministry of children to work unanimously to reach more children. In fact, new fields beginning with a Children’s Ministry, in order to reach their parents with the message of Jesus Christ is being encouraged.

We look forward to our next camp in 2016 that it will be wonderful for what we can see in the future from God. He is working in our church in a wonderful way.

Uruguay, National Youth Camp.7 - 2015.06.15On February 20‐22, 2015, we held our national youth camp for our young people who participated from different local churches to be blessed by God.

Our Camp Director and his staff worked hard for months before—planning a course of action and motivation which could easily be seen in every moment of the development of the program.

Forty‐nine [49] young people, who are active today in our local churches participated in the camp—prayers, praise, workshops, games, and swimming were events enjoyed by all campers.

On Friday, the 20th, we had a little band from our Church, along with two bands from the Nazarene Church. The evening ended with the Pastor from the Nazarene Church inviting the youth to participate with much inspiration.

On Saturday morning, we held a workshop by Dr. Jorge Papattian, who told us about “Depression” and the consequences with much inspiration so that our youth could have an open mind about his presentation. In the evening program we enjoyed the bands again and preaching by a pastor of the jail ministry, Brother Fernando Alvarez. The there was a beautiful altar time of release and three [3] young people were saved and received the baptism of Holy Spirit. God visited us in a very remarkable way.

Uruguay, National Youth Camp.9 - 2015.06.15Finally, on Saturday night the band “Chaura” delighted us and we enjoyed their talent. On Sunday, we had an awards time and elected a King and Queen of Camp. Songs of praise and preaching in charge of Leandro Cardoza, on the theme “Perfume at your feet” which was a very beautiful time at the altar as we witnessed young people together glorifying and worshipping God.

Then we had the farewell lunch which was spectacular with dessert, fruit, and giving of thanks to God for this camp. But the work did not end there as afterwards we have learned that 12 young people gathered together in one local church to take music lessons—a result of the camp and proposal by their local Church.

We are already looking forward to next year’s camp and having even more young people attend and bands formed by some of these music students. We are grateful that most churches have developed Youth Ministries within their local churches.

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