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Image 01July 5, we rented a cottage for a Sunday meeting. The meeting was very interesting and there were new people. Many talked, prayed and had lunch together. Then we went to the sea, to hold a baptism. Four people had decided to give their lives to Jesus Christ. We are planning for some time in the month of August for another 6 people (maybe more) to be baptized.

Pray for our ministry. We are looking for a place for the meeting. Azerbaijan is difficult to rent a room without registration, but you pray for us that the Lord will help us.

Image 07July 8-9, I went with Brother Vagif to Georgia to meet with our missionaries from the association of churches. We took part in the Alpha Course in the city of Marneuli. During this Alpha course only Azerbaijanis attended. These people had recently repented and now they were getting initial training. At the end of the service, we prayed for healing and many people were healed. One woman for more than a year could not hear in one ear. We prayed for her and she began to hear. All Glory to God! Then we communicated with our missionaries from the association of house churches. They talked about their ministry in Marneuli and how The Lord had brought new people to the meetings. We believe that after this wonderful healing even more people will come to the meeting. At the end of the month, we’re going to send some people from the church in the town of Rustavi for an evangelistic ministry to help our missionaries in Georgia. Pray that our people could find the finance and solution for the short trip to Georgia for evangelization. 

Image 10One family from our church (the disciples) went to a rural area in Khachmaz, July 12-15. Their relatives live there, and they sometimes go to visit them. This time, they visited another relative, communicated with them, have described Jesus Christ, handed out brochures and CDs, along with the movie “Jesus.”

Now there are five families who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord. Now we will go 1-2 times each month to this region to further bring the Gospel and to hold Alpha Course with the new believers. Pray for this area: that people have their mind opened to the gospel of God, for the healing of people, and for the work in the region. 

Image 11Our team of 8 people went to Istanbul, Turkey for a youth conference, “Our Vision.” In the beginning, the team went to Georgia in the town of Gardabani. On July 19-20 teams from Georgia, Armenia, North Caucasus and Azerbaijan went by bus to Istanbul.

The conference began on July 22 and ended on the 26th. The conference was very interesting. The team was very inspired. The conference was attended by a lot of teams from different Islamic countries: Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, countries of Central Asia, as well as, China and other countries. At the conference, there were more than 1,500 participants from more than 35 countries.

The team then returned July 27th to Rustavi, Georgia. There they joined other members of the team from Azerbaijan, went to the city of Rustavi and Azerbaijani villages, carried out evangelization and also invited people to the Alpha course. The Alpha course was held in the city of Rustavi, July 28-31. After a youth conference for 4 days, the team expressed that it was a real experience to serve the people.

Sincerely, Brother Jeyhun 

Your prayers are vital to us in Azerbaijan. Should you research the religions of our nation, you will find there are very few Christians. As Brother Jeyhun mentions in this news, there is a huge need for the Gospel to be represented. Please pray for laborers in this vast Harvest region.

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