Dr. Tom Renfro

@ Saturday Afternoon Speaker

Dr. Thomas Renfro is a medical doctor and popular minister. He has shared his story of miraculous healing from cancer with thousands of listeners. In 1997, Dr. Renfro was disanosed with mantle cell lymphoma, considered to be incurable and untreatable. Finding prayer support and encouragement through his church family at the Freedom Worship Church in Norton, Virginia, Dr. Renfro received a healing from God on December 3, 1997. Dr. Renfro studied at The University of Virginia and The University of Chicago before deciding to attend The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree. After becoming board cerified in 1988, he returned to Norton to start his own practice. Dr. Renfro began preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in March of 1998. Since that time, he has been able to preach in over 100 churches, pray for thousands of people, and has seen the story of his miraculous healing touch an unnumbered host of concerned people. In 1999 he recorded a television series called “Avenues of Healing.” He has been on several regional television stations declaring the love of God. Dr. Renfro wants people to know that when ‘all hope is gone’ there is still Hope!